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Jiangsu Jiaqi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the bank of the beautiful Tianmu Lake in Liyang, Jiangsu. It has been formed by a team of top foreign brand companies for a long time, and has been concerned about pollution control in various manufacturing industries. The company's business covers a wide range of metal processing and other industries, such as automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, marine engineering, cutting, welding, sandblasting and machining of various general machinery. Other industries involved are: composite materials Processing, chemical industry, food industry, etc., have a wide range of applications.

Jiangsu Jiaqi adopts international advanced nanometer and filtering materials, and has an efficiency of 99.999% in filtering and filtering nano-scale pollutant particles to ensure product quality and project quality.

The company is equipped with high-quality engineering technology and service engineers who are responsible for the marketing, engineering design, installation and commissioning and after-sales service of the company's products, so that customers can enjoy professional services while using high-quality products.

The company can not only provide single dust collector products, but also provide complete system solutions and overall plant pollution solutions. From providing preliminary feasibility studies to three-dimensional simulation design, we provide customers with accurate design solutions and cost estimates, and also provide customers with thoughtful services such as system installation and equipment maintenance.